Title: When I Was Yours
Author: Samantha Towle
Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!!

“Marry me.”
“What?” I stared back at him, unblinking.
He moved closer, taking my face in his hands. “I love you, Evie. I look into the future, and the only thing I see clearly is you. Marry me.”
What’s an eighteen-year-old girl who was madly in love with her nineteen-year-old boyfriend say?
Of course, I said yes.
Twenty-four hours later, I married Adam Gunner at a Vegas chapel to the sounds of “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. Not the best omen. I get that now.
Then, exactly one week later, I left him. I walked out, leaving behind my wedding ring, annulment papers, and my heart, and he never knew why.
I haven’t seen him since. Not in ten long years.
Now, he’s here, standing before me. Looking at me with nothing but hurt and hatred in his eyes, he wants answers.
Answers I can’t give.
Honestly, it had been so long since I read a Samantha Towle book. Too long. Reading When I was Yours reminded me just how much I love Sam's writing style—the way she crafts her characters, the angst she sprinkles liberally in her pages and the amount of heart she give us in every word. Reading this felt like coming home. The last book of hers I read was Trouble and I realized, after reading this novel, how much I missed this author's stories. It gave me an immediate urgency to go and read everything I've missed out on.

I truly loved Adam and Evie. Both characters are still, 10 years later, suffering from a broken heart. This is your quintessential second chance romance. We get to see where it began—a young, sweet, naive and innocent love—and where it went wrong. With the switch between past and present, as well as alternate POVS, we get to crawl inside both Adam and Evie's head and get a very well rounded, intense and heart wrenching view of their love story gone awry.

After 10 years apart, Adam runs into his ex wife inside a coffee shop. He's taken aback. Evie left him a week after they were married without a word, without a single reason why. It demolished so much of who he is. The moment he sees her, he's filled with anger, hate, and hurt so monumental it makes him crazy, but also a hefty amount of longing that can't be denied. He loved this woman. Loved her with an undying passion and she didn't merely break his heart, she dismantled every part of his soul. It hasn't been a small feat getting over her. Adam has barely survived the pain Evie left behind.

When Evie see's the love of her life—Adam—for the first time in 10 years, she's assaulted with a bone deep ache and yearning for him, but also a good amount of panic. Panic because she's holding a secret she can never divulge. A secret she plans to take to her grave.

The book, the twist and turns of their path to healing, is turbulent and raw. It's gut wrenching and exquisite at the same time. Every word pulls on every single heart string. Once I started reading I could not stop. I was crazed with the incessant need to see these two "whole." I wanted things to be good for these characters because I fell in love with them as they fell in love with each other. The past flashbacks were pivotal in setting up our attachment to these characters and cementing the readers love for not only them but the story itself.

Overall, I thought this was a 5 Star, memorable, angsty, gorgeous, fabulous read. If you are looking for an emotional, fast paced, substance filled story, then this is it. It's an explosion of pure feels that are hard to forget. A book that is sure to give you a hangover and one that will stick with you for several days after. Evie and Adam's story is not pretty, but I felt it was real. It was intense. And at the end I was left feeling emotionally exhausted but soulfully filled with hope and happiness. In my opinion, the author hit it out of the park! I LOVED it. 

Angie's Rating:

Angsty, emotionally turbulent, and wholly consuming,  Samantha Towle's second chance love story just tore me up and healed my heart. When I Was Yours is my favorite kind of second chance romance. Adam Gunner and Evie Taylor fell in the sweetest kind of love when they were teenagers. Then one day, Evie was gone and for years Adam was left wondering why. Through alternating points of view and interspersed flashbacks, we're brought along for every facet of this relationship, from their beautiful past to the heartbreaking present and through every bittersweet moment in between. 

From utter joy to complete desolation, Towle put me through the ringer with this story. I loved these characters beyond measure and my heart floated and fell right along with them. Towle truly squeezed out every drop of emotion one can feel while reading a book. The kicks to the gut never ceased, the moments of bliss within these pages unexpectedly interrupted by fiery exchanges and devastating memories. The gravity of heartbreak and loss is a tangible thing in this story, the depth of endless love just as profound. 

Samantha Towle really knocked it out of the park with When I Was Yours. This was a passionate romance peppered with tragedy and heartbreak, explosive chemistry and sensuality. I completely devoured this book in one sitting, ravenous for the conclusion but dreading it ending at all. Everything from the stunning cover to the thoroughly fleshed out characters to the fluid storyline to the explosive dialogue made this book one seriously delectable package. I absolutely loved it. 

Jessica's Rating:

Adam POV

Making my way through the hotel, I exchange pleasantries with the staff on duty. When I reach the coffee shop, I push open the door and step straight into the past.


She’s standing behind the counter. Her face is turned slightly to the right, her attention on the TV mounted on the wall, and her hair is pulled back into a ponytail.

But it’s her.

I feel like a speeding train has hit me, and I’m pretty sure my heart has stopped beating.

It’s really her.

She’s here.

“Evie?” I breathe out her name, like I’m taking my first real breath in a very long time.

Her body stiffens at the sound of my voice. And I watch as her face turns my way. Those big whiskey-colored eyes that I fell in love with all those years ago meet mine, and my world stands still.

Evie POV

My eyes rake over him as I remember the Adam I knew ten years ago and compare him to the Adam I see before me. The long hair is gone, replaced with cropped locks. The unshaven scruff on his face is still very much there though. At least some things haven’t changed.

“You cut your hair.”

“It has been ten years.”

“I know. I just...I remember a time when you said you’d never cut your hair.” A small smile touches my lips at the memory.

“Yeah, and I remember when you promised to love me till death do us part. Shit changes.”

My smile drops from my face. My cheeks sting like he’s just slapped me.

I deserved that. Doesn’t stop it from hurting like a bitch though.

New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and international bestselling author Samantha Towle began her first novel in 2008 while on maternity leave. She completed the manuscript five months later and hasn't stopped writing since.


She has also written paranormal romances, THE BRINGER and the ALEXANDRA JONES SERIES, all penned to tunes of The Killers, Kings of Leon, Adele, The Doors, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac, and more of her favourite musicians.

A native of Hull and a graduate of Salford University, she lives with her husband, Craig, in East Yorkshire with their son and daughter.

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