Title: Just One Taste
Author: Lexi Blake
Release Date: NOVEMBER 17, 2015!!

One Hot Chef….
Eric Vail has always loved a challenge. After leaving the Navy, he mastered his passion for cooking. As the sous chef at Top, one of Dallas’s hottest restaurants, his skills are pushed to the limit every night. Unfortunately, his ultimate prize still eludes him. Server Deena Holmes is the sweetest thing he’s seen in forever, but she’s as distant as she is beautiful. When they’re put together in the same training class at the infamous club Sanctum, he knows this is his shot. And this former SEAL never misses.
A Woman Who Lost Her Taste for Love…
Deena thinks Eric is the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen, but her heart has been burned too many times before. She’s sworn off relationships for good and she can’t trust herself with a man that easy to fall in love with. She takes a spot as a trainee at Sanctum in the hopes of finding a safe place to explore and experiment. When she discovers her partner is the same chef she dreams about every night, Deena knows she may have bitten off more than she can chew.
A Perfect Recipe for Passion
While exploring the world of Sanctum, Eric and Deena find themselves learning about each other and finding an intimacy neither expected. But when the ghosts of her past resurface, old wounds are reopened. Can their newfound love survive when it’s put to the test?
“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are right now?” The crop slapped against her, a rhythm she was sure her heart beat to. “Your skin is perfectly pink and that pussy is pouting, begging for my attention.”

She was sure it was since she could practically feel the damn thing pulsing. Sex had always been about her partner, a way to show her partner how much she cared, but now it seemed like more. It seemed like a need, a desperate need to connect with this one man, and not only for his sake. She wanted. For the first time in her life, she craved a man’s cock. If he didn’t take her, she might cry because she was already close to something wonderful, something that had eluded her before.

“That was forty, baby,” he said, his hand still on her backside.

“It’s already over?” She didn’t want it to be. She might stand there all night, allowing him to make her ass red, if she could only stay in this place.

“Unfortunately, yes, but we’re not through. You’ve paid for the lying and the disobedience.” His hand moved over her tender backside and slid down to hover on the edge of her pussy. “Now we’re going to have a discussion about what will happen if that man walks in and you don’t tell me. But first I want to know if you liked my discipline. Tell me, Deena, how does your pussy feel?”

The question was too intimate, but somehow in the quiet of the playroom, it was all right to open up to him. “Hot. Aching. Needy.”

“You’re wet, baby. Look at that.” His words were sultry, his voice a sexy groan as he slid a finger through her pussy.

She’d been perfectly still while he’d smacked her ass, but her whole body shook now. She wanted that finger inside her, thrusting in and out.

A hard hand came down on her ass, making her yelp because she was so damn sensitive there.

“Did I give you permission to move?” Eric asked the question in a low growl, the sound sizzling along her skin.

He seemed intent on playing the hard-ass. She was never going to let that man know she thought he was a little soft again. He overcompensated.

Or he was simply the yummiest mix of badass Dom and sweet as pie man she’d ever met—a completely dangerous combination because she still wasn’t sure she was ready for what he wanted outside the playroom. She shoved all those thoughts aside. They didn’t have a place here. There was no future and no past in this room. There was only the glorious now, where she had a Dom to please.

“No, Sir.” She stilled, though her back was starting to ache.

His big palm moved along her spine. “Come on then, baby. You’ve been in that position forever. Let’s stretch you out. In more ways than one.”

She wasn’t sure what he meant with the second remark, but she sighed in relief as he helped her straighten up. Every muscle in her body stretched deliciously, and she could feel the hot ache in her ass. “Thank you, Sir.”

He was standing right in front of her, his big body invading her space. His bare chest brushed against hers and that restless feeling started up again. She needed more than mere punishment from this man. His hands slid down her body to her hips. “Tell me how you’re feeling.”

Some subs would wait until their Doms gave them permission to touch them, but she couldn’t see that coming from Eric. He might have been rough with her backside, but he wouldn’t put that wall between them. She brought her hands up to finally feel that magnificent chest of his. Warm, smooth skin covered his muscles, and she could see him sigh in pleasure at the contact. “I feel good, Sir. I feel happy and warm, but I definitely don’t want to stop playing with you.”

He brought his forehead down to meet hers. “You’re not worried about what I’m going to do next?”

She ran her hands across his deltoids and up to those broad shoulders. “I’m sure it will be suitably horrible, Sir, and no, I’m not worried.”

“Because I’m the pussy Dom?”

She tilted her head up. “No, because you’re Eric.”

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog in the world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance that she found success. She likes to find humor in the strangest places. Lexi believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome or foursome may seem.


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