MY TOP 15 FAVORITE READS OF 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe another year is over? I can't believe it. It feels like just yesterday that we were ringing in the 2015. And of course with every year, we sit back and reminisce about what's gone on, both good and bad, and I couldn't help but think of some of the amazing books I have read this year! It was a really great year! So without further adieu, I am revealing the TOP 15 books that made me want to have a party they were so freaking good! 

First up....
A Court of Thorn and Roses by Sarah J Mass!

This is my #1 favorite read of the year. I felt EVERYTHING -- all the feels -- while reading this novel. From the gorgeous romance, to the riveting plot line, to the absolutely spellbinding world the author created, I was owned. It has a host of characters that are both charming and evil, sweet and fierce, and I couldn't help but fall so deep in love with each of them. I say if you're looking for a read, choose this one. It's fantasy, it's not smutty, but it's FABULOUS and I guarantee you'll be captivated by every word.
With a Twist and Chaser by Staci Hart!

Both, With a Twist and Chaser, were the perfect RomCom reads. The characters became family, keeping me completely invested in their lives. These books are FEEL good novels. They're light on the angst, heavy on the laughs and feels. They have slow building romances that sizzle page after page, captivating you over and over again. Staci Hart was a "NEW to ME" author that I fell so deeply in love with. I couldn't believe I hadn't read her before 2015 and she has now become one of my "drop everything to read" authors! I love the "Habits" crew and I'm anxiously awaiting Tricky and Rose's book coming in Feb. This series is an ULTIMATE pleasure to read. There isn't a single thing that I don't absolutely love about these books.

PS: Both Chaser and Twist can be read as Standalones, though I'm not sure why you would want to skip any of the books!!!!! They are SO good.
Break Even by Lisa De Jong!

This book. OMGoodness. THIS BOOK. Let's just say that this novel had me in its clutches from the first to the last word. Angsty, tumultuous, with a touch of suspense that takes you by storm. Lisa De Jong nails the emotions and I don't think I took a single breath while reading. Without a doubt a fave that I'll recommend again and again to those who like to FEEL. The characters are flawed, but they are real, and I just LOVED every word!
First Touch by Laurelin Paige!

Oh! Oh! Oh! My God. I'm trying to think of what to say about this book because... I don't think any words can do it justice. Laurelin weaves a tail that's unbelievably addicting. Reeve and Emily have you on the edge of your seat with every flick of the page. This book has a little mystery and suspense, keeping you riveted until the end. The author knocked it out of the park and I am DYING for the second book which is due to arrive next year. The sex is hot, the story is captivating, and the characters are by far some of my favs! A definite must read. 
Tempting by Alex Lucian!

This novel had me screaming my head off to everyone and anyone. A student/teacher romance that has EVERYTHING I want. I don't know where this author came from but I am hoping that him/her is here to stay. This is my 2015 "INDIE GEM" alert. It's one of those finds that restored my hope in "new to me" authors. Flawless writing, intoxicating characters, and a plot that was riveting and FANTASTIC.
Tainted Black by Shanora Williams!

Do you like a forbidden romance? Because I LIVE for them. They are my faves. Sometimes it's hard to find a really good one, but OMG, THIS BOOK IS WHOA. Every cell in my body was attuned to these characters and this story. I was overwhelmed as I read page after page just needing them to find each other. Wrong, right, it didn't matter, I was SOLD. It's honestly a FABULOUS romance that leaves you gasping. And still, months later, I think of it as one of my absolute MUST reads.

Manwhore + Manwhore + 1 by Katy Evans!

Let's face it, there isn't a Katy Evans book that is not one of my ULTIMATE faves. The woman writes stories just for ME <<------Well (Hahahahahaha), maybe not just for me, but it sure feels that way. Malcolm Saint was the PERFECT Hero in my eyes. This series is both angsty and sensual, romantic and well.... just beautiful. It's a story about a broken hero who finds a girl who softens him up and makes him vulnerable enough to take the risk of loving her. It's stunning and gives me ALL those feels I'm desperate to find in my books. I LOVED it. I LOVED Rachel and her friends, I loved Saint and his posse, and I NEED more. But with Katy Evans I always need more.
Priest by Sierra Simone!

This novel made me feel like a flipping SINNER. I swear, I was wide eyed and sweaty reading it. LMAO. Father Bell and Poppy are as FORBIDDEN as they come. They pushed my boundaries in the best way and I just DEVOURED every word without a care. I cannot stress how HOT the sex is. It's ON FIRE. Some scenes literally have you panting for your next breath. This author can write and I am eager to read more from her again.
Pucked by Helena Hunting!

FUNNY. LOUD OUT LOUD FUNNY. Omg, so many laughs. <<--- Redundant, I know, but that is the thing that I loved most about this book. It had me giggling time and time again. The characters are entirely lovable and the humor (at times crude) was just perfection. This is another read where the sexy times were hot, but while that was amazing, the feels were wonderful. I LOVE this author and I really cannot say enough about how good this book had me feeling.
Walk through Fire by Kristen Ashley!

What is there to say? Kristen Ashley is a go to author who I trust to reliever me a read that wholly consuming time and time again. Walk through Fire was no different. It was packed with raw emotion that had me smiling, crying, and screaming in both pain and joy. I absolutely ADORE the Chaos boys and I just cannot recommend this series or this author enough. ANYTHING KA always rocks, but Logan and Millie ripped me apart in the best way.
The Deal by Elle Kennedy

OMGGGGGGGGG! GARRET **cue dreamy eyes** I think I LOVED this book so much because it was sweet. The romance is slow building, a friends to lovers sort of thing, and it just takes your heart and makes it all soft and swoony. This is a lighter read, not crazy on the angst and though it follows a formula, every aspect of it is amazing. I've recommended it so many times, especially to those who love a really GOOD sports romance.
Maldeamores by Mara White!

This is a novel that changed me as a reader. The story covers a topic that had me entirely uncomfortable and when I chose to read it, I went in knowing NOTHING. Not a word of the blurb was read before I started. And OH. MY. GOD. was I ever blown away. It destroyed my heart in the most INTENSE way. I cannot even explain it. This is a book that has to be EXPERIENCED. It's a read that you might think you won't like, but I can guarantee you will. It will have you rooting for a couple who in society standards should NOT be together. It's PHENOMENAL.
Breathe by Kristen Ashley!

AHHHHHH. Chase is my most FAVE KA Hero EVER. I know that's crazy, because all of KA'S alpha's are incredible, but this romance, and this man, and this Heroine (Faye) had me completely knotted up. I will NEVER forget their love story. And though Breathe didn't release in 2015, it was my first time reading the novel and I could NOT keep it off the list. I don't even care. Chase owns me. Faye is ME in book form and I wish I could "Hold out for a Hero" the way Faye held out for Chase. The most DECADENT romance. I couldn't love it anymore than I do.


  1. Love this list especially Maldeamores I balled my eyes out reading it. Very taboo but sooo good!

  2. Love this list especially Maldeamores I balled my eyes out reading it. Very taboo but sooo good!