Today, I'm sharing some AMAZING Rachel Van Dyken news. This is basically the most fantastic thing happening in Kindle books right now. It's your Kindle book basically turned into a MOVIE!!!! Read below...

HEA unveiled a behind-the-scenes video featuring Rachel Van Dyken talking about the Kindle in Motion visual features, such as art, animation and video included in her Wingmen, Inc., books, The Matchmaker’s Playbook and The Matchmaker’s Replacement (available now!). The features, which you can switch on and off at any time, can be viewed on compatible Fire tablets and the free Kindle app for iOS and Android. "

Article here: http://wp.me/p5HLSC-1tY2


As you may have heard The Matchmaker's Replacement is being released as a Kindle In Motion Book. Kindle in Motion refers to Kindle books that include added visual features, such as art, animation and video. The features can be viewed on compatible Fire tablets and the free Kindle app for iOS and Android. You can switch features on or off at any time. This is a revolutionary new way to read books. This has NEVER been done (two other books have it but they aren't romances) so this is huge for the book world! Also check out Nate and Rachel's cameo.

Title: The Matchmakers Replacement
Series: Wingmen Inc. 2
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Release Date: August 9, 2016

Lex hates Gabi. Gabi hates Lex. But, hey, at least the hate is mutual, right? All Lex has to do is survive the next few weeks training Gabi in all the ways of Wingmen Inc. and then he can be done with her. But now that they have to work together, the sexual tension and fighting is off the charts. He isn’t sure if he wants to strangle her or throw her against the nearest sturdy table and have his way with her.
But Gabi has a secret, something she’s keeping from not just her best friend but her nemesis too. Lines are blurred as Lex becomes less the villain she’s always painted him to be…and starts turning into something more. Gabi has always hated the way she’s been just a little bit attracted to him—no computer-science major should have that nice of a body or look that good in glasses—but “Lex Luthor” is an evil womanizer. He’s dangerous. Gabi should stay far, far away.
Then again, she’s always wanted a little danger.

Title: The Matchmakers Playbook
Series: Wingmen Inc. 1
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Release Date: April 5, 2016

Wingman rule number one: don’t fall for a client.
After a career-ending accident, former NFL recruit Ian Hunter is back on campus—and he’s ready to get his new game on. As one of the masterminds behind Wingmen, Inc., a successful and secretive word-of-mouth dating service, he’s putting his extensive skills with women to work for the lovelorn. But when Blake Olson requests the services of Wingmen, Inc., Ian may have landed his most hopeless client yet.
From her frumpy athletic gear to her unfortunate choice of footwear, Blake is going to need a miracle if she wants to land her crush. At least with a professional matchmaker by her side she has a fighting chance. Ian knows that his advice and a makeover can turn Blake into another successful match. But as Blake begins the transformation from hot mess to smokin’ hot, Ian realizes he’s in danger of breaking his cardinal rule…


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