That was an intoxicating read. AMAZING. An absolute 5 star must read alert. Review below. Excerpt below. Also, $50 Amazon Card giveaway happening on our FB pageYOU HAVE TO READ THIS ONE. I'm positively giddy over it. 

Title: All About the D
Series: Standalone
Author: Lex Martin | Leslie McAdams
Release Date: 5/2/2017

I'm known for being formal. Meticulous. Professional.
So you’d never suspect I spend my nights photographing my impressive junk for a NSFW blog. Don’t roll your eyes. I’m not bragging. I have millions of followers who’ll tell you they live for my posts.
I’m like a superhero, saving humanity one dick pic at a time.
Except leading a double life means I need someone to help me protect my anonymity, so that no one, especially my family, ever discovers my online celebrity.
When I call one of the most respected law firms in town, I expect quality legal advice and confidentiality. Not a sinfully sexy attorney whose dangerous curves and soul-piercing gray eyes make me want to personally demonstrate my particular skill set.
I shouldn’t be tempted.
Especially when she knows all of my best-kept secrets. But everyone has a breaking point. And I’ve met mine.
*** All About the D is a full-length standalone. Price goes up when it releases on May 2. Due to adult situations and sexual content, it's recommended for readers over the age of 18. ***
“Sometimes you feel like a dream. Like you’re too good to be true,” I mumble against him. 
He pulls back and drifts his hand across my jaw to tilt my face to his before his lips dip to mine. “I know the feeling.”

WHAT THE FREAKING FREAK WAS THAT? First off, wow! JUST WOW! That was epic! I didn't expect that emotional gut punch. At all. Not even a little. 

So... here's the thing. You look at this cover and think, "yummo!" Right? It looks hot and light and mmm..hmmm! And you're all kinds of intrigued by it. And then you go to the blurb and you read, and think... "Ohhh, OK! Hot, sexy, easy." You don't really think DEEP FEELS. You know? I didn't. I didn't expect much depth with this one. And that's fine with me. I'm a HUGE fan of light, sexy, smutty goodness! So when I picked up All About The D, that's what I was expecting. And I got that. This book was steamy goodness, all hot things, and I about had SERIOUS "fan-self moments" because there is MAJOR heat in it, but more than that I got PUNCHED IN THE GUT with a mountain of feels and I LOST myself in them. I mean...

::runs around screaming::

I'm still trying to come down from the absolute high that these characters gave me. Literally, I'm giddy as I write this review. That was like finding the most deliciously decadent piece of chocolate cake! This was a dream, the ultimate reader escape. AHHH. Though I must admit, I did struggle with the first couple of chapters. Introductions are not my favorite thing to read in almost EVERY book. I usually have a hard time unless there is a hard hitting prologue, but around 20% in All About the D my heart got involved, and at 30% I was in love, and at 40% I couldn't even deal with myself until I finished reading. 

Down-right intoxicating goodness. 

And the EMOTIONAL explosion that came with this story? WOW. I just.. I didn't see it coming! It was so many feels. I just LOVED them. I cried. I swooned. I ached all over. I felt connected to the story, to the characters. And most of all I LOVED the way I LOVED these characters. They became special to me. I didn't want their story to end. I wanted to keep reading and reading and reading. It was epic. And that ending ::swoonssssssss:: That ending gave this reader LIFE, man. This was the BEST romance. Addictive, steamy, all consuming, pure sweetness. I couldn't put down. 

Josh Cartwright comes from a prestigious family. A prominent Portland family. And they conduct themselves in a very proper way. Gossip or anything unsavory is not allowed from one of the Cartwright members. Josh is an architect. A wealthy one. And he is so smart and sexy and savvy. He will have you swooning and falling in love with him. The man's charming. So much so, I wanted to jump through my kindle and get my hands on him. Josh lost a bet with one of his best friends and what came out of that was a very special blog. (LMAO)! You see Josh has a blog where he takes pictures of his dick and puts them up for all his two million followers to see. By day he's an upstanding member of the Cartwright's but by night, he's a a very famous, anonymous (yes, no one knows it's Josh Cartwright) porn blogger. Josh's blog is doing so well now he needs to secure a lawyer who can help him navigate some contracts for some adult toys.

Enter Evelyn Mills... Evie's the lawyer that Josh comes to. She's smart and shy, nerdy and quirky, and most importantly REAL. She's the realest woman Josh has encountered in a long time. Where he comes from everyone is perfect and fake and out to get something, but Evie is different. She's a breath of fresh air. The first time they meet they hit it off and from there a story and forbidden romance ensues that literally gave me LIFE. 

I swear, I wanted to LIVE in the sweetness of this romance. I was so enamored with both Josh and Evie. Their connection intoxicated me. I LOVED the way their friendship started and I certainly couldn't get enough of where it went. The sex was HOT HOT HOT. And the feels between these two made my heart pitter patter. I couldn't stop reading. Everything about them, about their lives, about the build of this story, held me captive. 

Overall, this is a FIVE STAR winner for me. I found it thoroughly addicting. Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam blew me away with their seamless writing and a refreshing plot-line that stole my breath and my whole heart too. I really hope we see more from this dynamic duo. I want a book for Kendall, Evie's BFF, and even Drew who is the biggest hotmess ever. Josh and Evie's world was delightful and I am A HUGEEEEEEEEE fan of this story. An absolute MUST READ. 

Angie's Rating:

Unable to resist, I pull up the email that’s been making me crazy and scan the message again. It’s fairly formal considering the topic of discussion. He writes, “Ms. Mills, per our conversation this morning, I’ve forwarded the link to my blog. Please review so you may ascertain whether or not you can represent me in this negotiation. Best, Josh.”

Josh. No last name. No hint at who he is based on the random Gmail account.

I study the link to his blog, which looks like it’s been truncated. It’s innocuous. Just a short series of numbers and letters that don’t give me any indication of what I’m about to see. Well, except for the “not suitable for work” warning Josh typed above it.

He didn’t sound like a pervo-lunatic on the phone. He said things like, “Acquiring an attorney seems prudent,” and “Given my other ventures, I need a wall of separation to protect my assets.”

In fact, he sounded like a businessman. A really freaking sexy businessman with a deep voice that made me shiver.

Are his photos sexy too? Or would I be grossed out by his junk? Because dicks can be gross, like little hairless moles poking their pale heads out of the ground. Not that anyone ever sends me dick pics. I don’t say this with any sort of judgment. I mean, guys don’t think of me and send me nudes.

Truthfully, I’m probably too girl-next-door to get the interest of some dude who waves a massive wand. So what if I like to wear overalls and grungy T-shirts on the weekend? I don’t need guys to send me cock shots anyway.

My hand twitches to click the link.

Oh, shit. I’m about to surf porn at work. Miss I-Wear-Sensible-Shoes because they’re cost-effective and comfortable is going to surf porn at Waller, Goldman & Associates.

I’m seriously considering having my head examined when my ex’s words worm their way into my mind. “You’re so practical, Evelyn. That’s not a bad thing, but I need to be with someone who has more imagination. Someone who’s exciting and spontaneous.”

I cringe at the memory even though it’s been two years since Elliot and I broke up.

What did he mean, spontaneous? In how I lived my life generally? In what I wore? Or… shudder… in bed?

His answer: All of the above.

I’d barely contained my tears as I laughed it off and scuttled out of Elliot’s Ikea-clad apartment before I broke down into full-blown sobs. Because being with him had made me feel like I wasn’t hopeless when it came to romance. But apparently I was wrong.

Jutting out my chin, I take a deep breath. I can be spontaneous, damn it.

Just last week, I got the quiche when I always order the French dip sandwich.

I wait for a sense of satisfaction to settle over me. Except it doesn’t. One, because we’re talking about a stupid sandwich, and two, that day my BFF Kendall coerced me over the phone into ordering something different. And three, if I’m determining my level of spontaneity by what I got for lunch, I’m probably a lost cause.

Damn you, Elliot.

Three minutes. I’ll review Josh’s website for three minutes.

Lex Martin:
Lex writes contemporary romance, the sexy kind with lotsa angst, a whole lotta kissing, and the hot happily ever afters. When she’s not writing, she lives a parallel life as an English teacher.

She loves printing black and white photos, listening to music on vinyl, and getting lost in a great book. Bitten by wanderlust, she’s lived all over the country but currently resides in the City of Angels with her husband and twin daughters.

Lex is represented by Kimberly Brower of Brower Literary & Management.

Leslie McAdam:
Leslie McAdam is a California girl who loves romance, Little Dude, and well-defined abs. She lives in a drafty old farmhouse on a small orange tree farm in Southern California with her husband and two small children. Leslie always encourages her kids to be themselves – even if it means letting her daughter wear leopard print from head to toe. An avid reader from a young age, she will always trade watching TV for reading a book, unless it’s Top Gear. Or football. Leslie is employed by day but spends her nights writing about the men you fantasize about. She’s unapologetically sarcastic and notoriously terrible at comma placement.

Always up for a laugh, Leslie tries to see humor in all things. When she’s not in the writing cave you’ll find her fangirling over Beck, camping with her family, or mixing up oil paints to depict her love of outdoors on canvas.


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