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I am a mom of three wonderful daughters, a wife to a sweet and sinfully sexy husband of 12 years, a reader and a lover of romance. I love anything that tell's a story about dreams and fairytales. Life is busy and I find the best way to escape the day to day stresses is through the pages of a book. Reading is my passion, addiction and all out obsession. 

I hope here at Angie's Dreamy Reads you'll find a place to talk books, find new reads and maybe expand your reading library. 

Remember there is NOTHING better than getting lost in the pages of a deliciously scrumptious romance. 


  1. hi Angie! I absolutely love your blog. I'm really new to the blogging world and so i'm just trying to get my head around it all. my website is not as amazing as yours but i've contacted a web designer to fix that! lol.. I will be following your blog from now on.. it's great :)


  2. Hey Angie! I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award! Check it out Here

    Whitney@ Shooting Stars Reviews

  3. Fun blog! One interesting & gorgeous gal...thanx for sharing!! ~Rudy

  4. Thank you for all u do 😊💜🌺

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